Sunday, June 16, 2013

Ketchup & Mustard Hourglass Pencil Skirt

It's been a rough year creation wise for me.  I haven't felt inspired to follow through with any of the things on my sewing wish list.  But things are getting better.  Which is good.  My baby sister graduated from Wake Forest this past month and it was just the incentive that I needed to make my first garment for the year.  I went back to a pattern that I knew, a pencil skirt from Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing.  I already loved the first version that I made of this skirt, a simple black high-waisted in some sort of black polyester that looks great with a blouse tucked in for work.  The version I wanted to make this time however was more simple.  I wanted to use one of the African print fabrics that I've been stashing up but too scared to cut into.  I also didn't want to bone this version as it took some time last time and I wasn't exactly ready to try to perfect the mistakes that I made on the last one (the front panel doesn't exactly sit flat).

I picked up this light material in NY a year ago, it was the last fabric on the bolt and an impulse buy.  I cut this version shorter than the last and interlined it with black broadcloth to make it opaque.  I accidentally cut it a little too short so decided to use bias tape to finish the hem without losing length.  I'll have to make a decision in the future about the use of the back slit, the length of the skirt and the slit make for some interesting geometry. I finished the inside seams with bias tape as well, making the interior clean and not something I'm embarrassed to show anyone.


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